BCA Green Mark Award

In 2013, Singapore Pools achieved the Green Mark GoldPLUS award by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore, for Singapore Pools Building.

Some green features of Singapore Pools Building include:

  • Energy efficient T5 and LED lights for offices and general areas.
  • Motion-detection-lights in lift lobbies, staircases and toilets, with lights switching off automatically when no motion is detected.
  • Light-sensitive lighting for areas along windows, with lights switching off automatically when lighting level is sufficient from natural sunlight.
  • Lifts go into sleep mode during non-peak periods.
  • Centralised air-conditioning system using chilled water.
  • Enhancement to façade with double glazed glass to reduce energy consumption for air-conditioning.
  • Water-efficient basin taps and flushing system, with NEWater used for cooling towers.
  • Sub-meters installed to facilitate weekly meter-reading.

Green Data Centre


Data Centres (DCs) consume huge amounts of energy, with electricity accounting for more than 50% of the operating expenditure in a typical DC in Singapore.


Singapore Pools’ DCs are however, designed to increase the efficiency of electricity usage for running IT equipment to cut energy consumption. Some of its “green” features include efficient cooling systems designed for hot and cold aisle containment deployment, energy-efficient lighting, and occupancy sensors for DC areas.


In recognition of its energy efficient Data Centres, Singapore Pools became one of the pioneer organisations in Singapore to achieve the Singapore Standard 564 (SS564) Green Data Centre Standard in 2013.


The SS564 was introduced by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore to help organisations reduce the energy consumption and operating costs of DCs.


In Nov 2015, Singapore Pools passed the SS564 surveillance audit by demonstrating improvements in energy efficiency.