1. Where can I get WinZip?

Please proceed to #2 if you already have WinZip installed. Or else, follow the steps below.

Download WinZip here.

To install, run the installer and follow the steps accordingly.


2. How do I prepare a zip file with password protection?

Right-click 'Start'.

Select 'Explore'.

Browse to the file to go in the archive.

Right-click the file.

If you are using WinZip, select 'WinZip'.

Select 'Add to Zip...'.

Click 'New'.

Specify the name you want to give the zip file, e.g. sample.

Select a place to save the Zip file to (make a note of this).

Click 'OK'.

Click 'Password'.

Enter and confirm a password, e.g. sample.

Make a note of the password, you will need it for your email.

Click 'Add'.

Close the archive when done.


3. How can I add more files to the archive?

Browse another file.

Right-click it.

Select 'WinZip'.

Select 'Add to Zip file'.

Click 'Open'.

Double-click your Zip file (it will probably be displayed, browse to it if not).

Click 'Add'.

Close the archive when done.