Tournament Info

♥ Football With A Heart (FWAH) is an executive 5-a-side football charity fundraiser.

♥ The FWAH 2015 Tournament will be held at Jalan Besar Stadium on Saturday, 31 January 2015.

♥ The tournament will be divided into two sessions - Morning and Afternoon session:
• Morning session: Registration starts at 8am. Tournament kicks off at 9am.
• Afternoon session: Registration starts at 1.30pm. Tournament kicks off at 2.30pm.

♥ Participating corporate teams will vie for the Champion and Runner-up trophies and shopping vouchers.


♥ FWAH 2015 Tournament Morning Champion Trophy and $1,000 shopping vouchers.

♥ FWAH 2015 Tournament Morning Runner-up Trophy and $500 shopping vouchers.

♥ FWAH 2015 Tournament Afternoon Champion Trophy and $1,000 shopping vouchers.

♥ FWAH 2015 Tournament Afternoon Runner-up Trophy and $500 shopping vouchers.

♥ All players will also receive a token of Participation each.


♥ Corporate teams will be placed in 5 groups for each session.

♥ A fixture draw will be held on 9 January 2015 to determine the session and the group for each corporate team.

♥ Teams will play a minimum of 5 games and maximum of 8 games if they go to the final.

♥ 8 teams will qualify for the Quarter-Finals. They will be the teams with the highest number of points in each group and the best 3 overall runner-up teams.

♥ The match duration is 8 minutes without half-time. 3 points will be awarded to the winning team. In the event of a draw, both teams will be awarded a point each. No points will be awarded to the losing team.

Team Composition

♥ Each team may register up to 15 players, either in a managerial or executive level.

♥ Only 3 below 35 players are allowed to play at any one time during a match.

♥ Teams with female player(s) will have a 1-goal advantage regardless of the number of female players in a team. The 1 goal advantage will be added at the end of the match.

♥ Female players are to be fielded for at least 5min per match.

Playing Pitch

♥ The Jalan Besar Stadium will be divided into five pitches – Pitch 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

♥ The length of the playing pitch will be 20m by 40m.

♥ Each group will be playing in the allocated pitches for their group matches.

♥ The playing field will be divided into three parts and goals can only be scored from the mid segment.

♥ The dimension of the goal post is 1m high and 4m wide.

Match Details

♥ Each team can field five registered players to start the game. Rolling substitutions are allowed at any time of the match.

♥ There will be no goalkeeper.

♥ There will be a Referee but no linesman.

♥ Foul play including handball:
• Scoring Zone – Indirect free kick.
• 5m zone – Penalty kick

♥ In the event of a draw in regulation time during knock-out stages, sudden-death penalty shootout will be used to determine the winner. Each team will be given three penalty kicks from the mark.

♥ Penalty kicks will be taken by a back-heel 10 metres away from the goal.


♥ In the event of a tie in the total number of points achieved, the winning team will be determined by the goal difference, followed by the highest number of goals scored.

♥ If there is a tie in the highest number of goals scored, the team with the highest number of wins in the group tournament will be the winning team.

♥ Should all of the above be the same, there will be a sudden death penalty shootout to determine the higher placed team.


♥ A team that fails to field a minimum of 4 players 5 minutes after the scheduled kickoff time will deem to have given a walkover.

♥ The team receiving the walkover will be awarded 2 goals and 3 points.

Appeals and Disciplinary Committee

♥ A panel comprising of representatives from the co-organizers will form the Disciplinary and Appeals Committee to deal with any disputes or disciplinary matters.

♥ The panel consists of:
• Mr Joe Dorai, Singapore Pools
• Mr Rikram Jit Singh, Football Association of Singapore
• Mr Jeremy Joseph, Sport Singapore


♥ All participating teams are to wear their own corporate jerseys. In an event of competing team wearing the same colours, bibs will be provided.

♥ The recommended footwear for matches will be football boots or turf shoes.

Health & Safety

♥ A first aid team will be on standby. Nevertheless, football players are reminded to be mindful of their prevailing state of health and hydrate sufficiently throughout the day. Using shin pads is highly recommended to avoid any injury, as most of the football players would be in football boots.

♥ Football players are advised not to leave valuable items unattended and are encouraged to help keep an eye on the team’s belongings.

Inclement Weather & Lightning Plan

♥ When the Lightning Warning System is activated, all outdoor activities will be immediately suspended and all will have to seek shelter at the Grandstand.

♥ During adverse weather condition, the tournament will be delayed provided the morning session and afternoon session to be completed by 2pm and 8pm respectively.

♥ In the event the tournament cannot be completed due to adverse weather, the remaining matches will be called off and the tournament declared null and void.

♥ Organisers reserve the rights to amend any information without any prior notice.


♥ Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase around the event venue.


♥ Should the tournament be cancelled, there will not be a reschedule and no refunds will be made.

♥ The organisers reserve the right to amend any information without prior notice.

Updated as of 9 Jan 15