About Football With A Heart

Football With A Heart (FWAH) is an executive football charity fundraiser launched in 2012.

Each year, Singapore Pools, together with organising partners, Football Association of Singapore (FAS) and Sport Singapore, brings together teams from various corporations for a friendly five-a-side football tournament. The event is fully funded by the organisers and supported by venue partners.

All proceeds from the event go to designated charities.

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Partnership Packages

Platinum: $25,000

  • 1 corporate team participation

  • 4 invitations to Executive Lunch

  • 4 invitations to Appreciation Golf

  • 4 invitations to Appreciation Dinner

  • 1 seat at VIP table at Appreciation Dinner

  • Receive certificate of appreciation from GOH

  • Special acknowledgement by emcee during the tournament as a Platinum Sponsor

  • Logo acknowledgement on Tournament Arch & FWAH website

  • 2.5 times tax deduction

Gold: $12,000

  • 1 corporate team participation

  • 2 invitations to Executive Lunch

  • 2 invitations to Appreciation Golf

  • 2 invitations to Appreciation Dinner

  • Receive certificate of appreciation from GOH

  • Logo acknowledgement on Tournament Arch & FWAH website

  • 2.5 times tax deduction

Silver: $5,000

  • 1 corporate team participation

  • 1 invitation to Executive Lunch

  • 1 invitation to Appreciation Golf

  • 1 invitation to Appreciation Dinner

  • Logo acknowledgement on Tournament Arch & FWAH website

  • 2.5 times tax deduction


Corporate Tournament

Time: 9.00am to 1.00pm

Celebrity Tournament

Time: 12.30pm to 2.00pm

Youth Tournament

Time : 2.00pm to 6.00pm

Tournament Info

Football With A Heart (FWAH) is an executive five-a-side football charity fundraiser.

The FWAH 2019 Tournament will be held at Town Square, Our Tampines Hub on Saturday, 9 November 2019.

Registration starts at 8am. Corporate tournament will kick off at 9am.

Participating corporate teams will vie for the Champion and Runner-up trophies and shopping vouchers.


FWAH 2019 Tournament Champion Trophy and $1,000 shopping vouchers

FWAH 2019 Tournament Runner-up Trophy and $500 shopping vouchers

Competition Format

  • Group Stages

    • The top team of each group will advance to quarter finals.

    • The best second-placed teams* will secure the remaining spots in quarter finals.

    • All matches shall last for 8 minutes with no interval.

    • Points shall be awarded based on three (3) points for a win, one (1) for a draw and zero (0) for a loss.

    • In the event of a tie in the total points achieved, the team to advance is determined by the goal difference, followed by the higher number of goals scored and the total number of games won. If a tie still persists, the team to advance will be determined by a coin toss.

      *no. of second-placed teams progressing depends on final number of groups in competition

  • Quarter Finals / Semi-Finals / Final

    • Knock-out format

    • In the event of a tie in the match, winning team is determined by sudden death penalty kicks.


Unlimited rolling substitutions will be allowed at any time of the match with the permission of the referees.

There will be no goalkeepers.

There will be referees but no linesmen.

Foul play including handball:

  • Scoring Zone - Indirect free kick

  • 5m Zone - Penalty kick

In the event of a draw during the knock-out stages, sudden death penalty kicks from the mark will determine the winner. Each team will be given three penalty kicks from the mark.

Penalty kicks shall be taken 10m away from the goal with a back-heel kick.

Team Composition

Each team may register up to 15 players.

Teams with female player(s) shall have a one goal advantage regardless of the number of female players in the team. The one goal advantage shall be added at the end of the match.

Female players are to be fielded for at least half the match.

Playing Pitch

The stadium at Our Tampines Hub will be divided into seven pitches - Pitches 1 to 7

The length of the playing pitch will be 20m by 30m.

Each group will be playing in the allocated pitches for their group matches.

The playing field shall be divided into three parts and goals can only be scored from the mid segment (5m-20m-5m).

The dimension of the goal post is 1m high and 2m wide.


A team that fails to field a minimum of four (4) players 2 minutes after the scheduled kickoff time will deem to have given a walkover. The team receiving the walkover shall be awarded three (3) goals and three (3) points.


If a team withdraws after the draw but before the start of the competition, the team shall not be replaced. All their fixtures shall be deemed walkovers with three (3) goals and three (3) points awarded to their opponents.

If a team withdraws during the competition, all their remaining fixtures shall be deemed walkovers with three (3) goals and three (3) points awarded to their opponents.

Appeals and Disciplinary Committee

A panel comprising of representatives from the co-organisers will form the Disciplinary and Appeals Committee to deal with any dispute or disciplinary matters.

The panel consists of:

  • Mr Aloysius Vetha (Football Association of Singapore)

  • Mr Patrick Paranjody (SportSG)

  • Mr Lin Yusen (Singapore Pools)


All participating teams are to wear their own corporate jerseys. In an event of competing teams wearing the same colours, bibs will be provided.

The recommended footwear for matches will be football boots or turf shoes.

Health & Safety

A first aid team will be on standby. Nevertheless, football players are reminded to be mindful of their prevailing state of health and hydrate sufficiently throughout the day. Using shin pads is highly recommended to avoid any injuries, as most of the football players are expected to be in football boots.

Football players are advised not to leave valuable items unattended and are encouraged to help keep an eye on the team's belongings.


Drinks and snacks will be available for purchase around the event venue.


  • Should the tournament be cancelled, there will not be a reschedule and no refunds will be made.

  • The organisers reserve the right to amend any information without prior notice.

Updated as of 30 Sept 2019


Platinum Sponsor

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors


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CampusImpact is a Social Service Agency that reaches out to young people from low-income and disadvantaged families to provide them with the best opportunities and resources as they transit from childhood into adulthood so that they will become useful citizens for the community and serve as pillars of strength for the nation. Our vision is to prepare the new generation with positive attitudes, purposeful lives and pioneering spirits.

More information on CampusImpact can be found at

FAS Cares

All proceeds received through FAS Cares will be channelled towards the development of improving the vibrancy of local football and raising standards of the game in Singapore while keeping in line with our objective of increasing participation at the grassroots level, even enriching the lives of the less fortunate through football.

This includes inspiring the under-privileged children through the Player Escorts Program, providing monetary assistance to the financially disadvantaged,as well as spreading the joy of football to all senior citizens by inviting them to FAS organised matches.

Metta Welfare Association

From the young to the elderly, the infirm to the terminally ill, Metta Welfare Association transcend racial and religious barriers to enhance their quality of life. A challenging task it is but Metta's driving force comes from the satisfaction of seeing them receive proper care and lead fulfilling lives. Metta takes pride in their ability to offer a comprehensive range of services that goes beyond the mere fulfilment of their requirements through their centres segregated as follows:

Alumni Care | Children Care | Disability Care | Medical Care

Metta Welfare Association is an IPC (Institutions of a Public Character) charity organisation.

More information on Metta Welfare Association can be found at

President's Challenge 2019

Started in 2000, the President's Challenge is an annual community outreach and fund-raising campaign for beneficiaries selected yearly by the President's Office. The Challenge represents a coming together of people from all walks of life, under the President's patronage, to help the less fortunate. It serves as a call to all Singaporeans to do their part to build a more caring and inclusive society by giving of their time, skills and enterprise.

In 2012, Dr Tony Tan expanded the areas of focus to include Volunteerism and Social Enterprise. In 2018, President Halimah Yacob refocuses the effort of President's Challenge towards the empowerment of vulnerable groups with skills and employability. An Empowering for Life Fund was set up to support programmes in skills upgrading, capacity building and employment of vulnerable groups. President's Challenge aims to raise $10 million for the Empowering for Life Fund over the next 5 years and the Government will provide dollar-for-dollar matching.

More information on President's Challenge can be found at

RSVP Singapore ‐ The Organisation of Senior Volunteers

RSVP Singapore The Organisation of Senior Volunteers is an Institution of Public Character and the National Centre of Excellence for Senior Volunteerism under the patronage of Mdm Halimah Yacob, President of the Republic of Singapore. The organisation started in 1998 and was launched by then-Prime Minister Mr Goh Chok Tong. RSVP Singapore is a registered society under the Societies Act and a member of the National Council of Social Service (NCSS).

Since its inception, RSVP Singapore has been actively engaging seniors in purpose- driven volunteerism. With over 2,500 volunteers, RSVP Singapore serves more than 200,000 beneficiaries each year including the mentally disadvantaged, at-risk children from low income families, and socially isolated seniors through its community service programmes.

More information on RSVP Singapore can be found at

SHINE Children & Youth Services

SHINE serves more than 5,000 young persons, aged 5-21 years old, every year. We aspire to develop their 5Cs' of competence, confidence and character; meaningful connections with their families and society and a sense of care towards others. Additionally, we strive to guide them to steer clear of crimes and keep them positively engaged in school.

More information on SHINE Children & Youth Services can be found at http://www.shine.org.sg

Singapore Children's Society

Singapore Children's Society protects and nurtures children and youth of all races and religions. In 2018, the Society reached out to 78,433 children, youth and families in need. Established in 1952, its services have evolved to meet the changing needs of children.

Today, Children's Society operates 12 service centres islandwide, offering services in the four categories of: Vulnerable Children and Youth, Children and Youth Services, Family Services, and Research and Advocacy.

More information on Singapore Children's Society can be found at

Society for the Aged Sick

Society for the Aged Sick is a not-for-profit nursing home providing quality and holistic care for the destitute and aged sick. Established in 1968 as a 16-bedded facility, we now have 404 beds in our current location (Hougang). The Home provides residential and respite services to people in need of daily skilled nursing care and assistance in activities of daily living, and who cannot be cared for at home, particularly the less privileged.

More information on Society for the Aged Sick can be found at

SportCares Foundation

Changing lives through sport. At SportCares, we work every day to help nurture a nationwide movement that activates sport as a force for social good. Through sport, we build people up; helping the vulnerable and the underserved overcome barriers to a life of growth and confidence. Through sport, we inspire volunteers and leaders to rise, find common ground, connect and do good together. Through sport, we partner other community agents as part of a suite of integrated solutions to solve complex social issues. The philanthropic arm of Sport Singapore, SportCares organises programmes, support community initiatives and make grants to kick start social change through sports. Over the past six years, SportCares has opened opportunities for more than 4,000 low-income children, youth at-risk, vulnerable seniors and persons with disabilities through sport.

More information on SportCares Foundation can be found at

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Singapore Pools

Singapore Pools was established by the government on 23 May 1968 to provide safe and trusted betting to counter illegal gambling. As a not-for-profit organisation, all of Singapore Pools' surplus is channelled to Tote Board to fund a wide range of causes in social service, community development, sports, the arts, education and health sectors. Currently, Singapore Pools contributes about $2 billion annually to the Government in the form of taxes and duties, and for the funding of good causes.

iShine Staff Community Programme

Set up in 2003, Singapore Pools' iShine Staff Community Programme aims to inculcate the spirit of doing good amongst our staff, so that they play a part in making a difference to society. It has since grown to include a fundraising arm where Singapore Pools' employees come together to raise funds for charity.

Since 2007, iShine staff volunteers have been successfully organising events under its flagship "With A Heart" fundraising events, with over $4.6 million raised in support of President's Challenge, numerous charities and worthy causes. Football With A Heart is one such fundraiser organised under the iShine banner. Other fundraising events include Laksamania! Lunch with A Heart, Golf With A Heart and Fashion With A Heart.

Football Association of Singapore

Set up in 1892 as Singapore Amateur Football Association, the Football Association of Singapore (FAS) is the oldest Football Association in Asia. FAS is responsible for developing and advancing the game at all levels.

Providing a structure for the game to flourish and governing the running of football in Singapore, the FAS also ensures that the Laws of the Game are adhered to, from the professional Singapore Premier League to amateur leagues.

The FAS also manages the organisation and running of league and cup competitions, the stewardship of international teams, the establishment of youth development, women's football, refereeing and coaching frameworks.

The mission of the FAS is to enhance lives by leading innovative development of competitive and recreational football in Singapore together with all our partners.

Sport Singapore

As the national sports agency, Sport Singapore's core purpose is to inspire the Singapore spirit and transform Singapore through sport. Through innovative, fun and meaningful sporting experiences, our mission is to reach out and serve communities across Singapore with passion and pride.

With Vision 2030 - Singapore's sports master plan, our mandate goes beyond winning medals. Sport Singapore uses sport to create greater sporting opportunities and access, more inclusivity and integration as well as broader development of capabilities. At Sport Singapore, we work with a vast network of public-private-people sector partners for individuals to live better through sport.

To find out more, visit our websites www.sportsingapore.gov.sg and www.myactivesg.com.
Follow us at www.facebook.com/myActiveSG and www.youtube.com/SingaporeSports.

Our Tampines Hub (OTH)

Our Tampines Hub (OTH) is Singapore's largest integrated community and lifestyle hub, bringing together multiple agencies and offering a comprehensive range of services and facilities led by People's Association. Conceptualised with inputs from 15,000 Tampines residents, Our Tampines Hub is designed with residents, for residents. It's the future of Tampines that will serve as a model for other townships to follow, one that will offer greater convenience, a full spectrum of activities, facilities and services to cater to residents of all ages and lifestyle preferences.