A top-flight professional football league that had its first season in 1996, the S.League has been Singapore’s primary football competition. From just eight teams in the inaugural season, the league has grown significantly with strong support from the Football Association of Singapore, reaching a high of 13 teams in 2012. To raise its competitiveness and international profile, teams from Brunei, China, France, Japan and Korea have been invited to take part in the league.

In February 2019, the 24th season of the S.League will begin. With player transfers and coaching changes announced among all the major teams, and the authorities unveiling a new stadium-sharing initiative, the league promises an all-new matchday experience as teams go in search of goals and glory.


Is it more challenging to win away?

Teams have found it more difficult to win matches away from home in 2018 compared to 2017. The away team won 37 of the 108 league matches played in 2018, compared to 48 out of 108 in 2017.

Any teams that perform better away?

Two teams won more league matches away from home than they did at their own stadiums in 2018. Geylang had one home win and four away wins, while Hougang, who never won at home, had two away wins.

How many high scoring matches in 2018?

19 of the 108 league matches in 2018 saw five or more goals scored. Out of these, the highest-scoring match was Brunei DPMM’s DPMM 6-2 win against Geylang in June.

Are early goals common?

Early goals are a common sight at S.League matches. 40 of the 108 matches in 2018 saw at least one goal scored in the first 15 minutes.