​​Live Streaming Service

Live streaming is a subscription service offered to Singapore Pools Account holders to watch horse racing LIVE.

Account holders can log on to their Singapore Pools Account to subscribe.

Note: Live streaming launched in browser through Apple smart phones/ tablets will have slight delay of about 30 seconds.


Is live streaming of races on Singapore Pools Account a free service?
A monthly subscription fee of $15.00 (before GST) applies. Monthly subscription fee will be deducted from your Account on a recurring monthly basis until you decide to cancel the subscription. No subscription fee paid shall be refunded to the Account Holder following termination of an Account and/or early cancellation of live streaming service subscription.

For example, you have subscribed to the live streaming service on 5 January 2024. The monthly subscription fee of $16.35 (with GST) will be deducted from your account on 6 January 2024, for the month of 6 January 2024 to 5 February 2024. Subsequent monthly fees will be deducted from your account on the 6th of every month, until you unsubscribe the service.

Viewing live streaming will incur mobile data charges. Account holders are advised to check with their mobile service providers on mobile data charges and have a mobile data usage plan before subscribing to live streaming service.

How do I subscribe / unsubscribe to live streaming?
Account holders may subscribe or unsubscribe to live streaming service through their Singapore Pools Account.

What happens if there are insufficient funds in my account for deduction of the monthly fee when it is due?
The live streaming service will be terminated if the monthly fee could not be deducted from the account successfully. Account holder may request to subscribe to the service again by logging in to their Singapore Pools Account. The service will be activated on the following day, after successful deduction of the monthly subscription fee.

What are the live streaming hours?
The live streaming service would be available during racing hours only.

Can I watch races live immediately after subscribing to the service?
Upon receiving your subscription request, live streaming service will be activated within 2 calendar days following successful deduction of the monthly subscription fee.

Is live streaming video available for all meetings and races?
Provision of the live streaming service through Singapore Pools Account shall occur at the Company’s absolute discretion, and shall be available for selected meetings or races, during operating hours or race days as determined by the Company. Please note that streaming on Apple devices via browsers may experience delay of up to 30 seconds.

What operating systems are compatible to access and view live streaming?
Live streaming is currently available for Singapore Pools website and App.

Recommended browsers:

  • Android Lollipop v5.0 & above
  • Chrome v49 & above
  • Safari v9 & above

Do I need to purchase or download a separate video player to access and view live streaming?
No, you do not need a separate video player to use the service.

How do I get help if there are issues with the live streaming service?
Account holders may contact our Customer Service hotline at 6786 6688, or use the online feedback form to reach us.