​​Betting Information Displays (Electronic Display System)

Channel 1: Win/Place Approximate Dividends


Channel 2: Forecast Approximate Dividends

The display for Forecast approximate dividends will be in a matrix. This makes it easier for racegoers to view the dividends at a glance. In addition, the system is also capable of displaying the approximate dividends of all combination up to 12 horses on a screen.


Channel 3: Place Forecast Approximate Dividends

The display for Place Forecast approximate dividends will also be in a matrix format.


Channel 4

This channel will have two screens showing:

  • Progressive Win Approximate Dividends
    The Progressive Win Approximate Dividends will be updated every two minutes to allow racegoers to better monitor dividend changes.
  • Race Results

Channel 5

This channel will have four screens showing:

  • Announcement
  • Media Selections
    The media selections will have the expected finish positions and the current WIN / PLACE approximate dividends for each of the selections.

  • Horse Weights and Jockey Information
  • Meeting Information