Fraudulent use of the Singapore Pools Brand


Singapore Pools is a well-known household brand in Singapore. Over the years, there is an increase in the number of websites or social media accounts passing off as Singapore Pools, misusing our brand identity to provide winning numbers announcements to interested parties for a fee.

Please be advised that these unofficial websites and social media accounts are not affiliated to Singapore Pools, nor does the company appoint external parties to provide such services.  

With the increasing number of phishing scam incidents, we strongly advise our customers to stay vigilant online. To further protect our customers, with effect from 4 February 2022, all email and SMS sent by Singapore Pools will not contain any clickable links. Please do not click on any links in messages that appear to be from us, as they may be the work of fraudsters.

In the news:​

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Impersonation scam

Scammers may use letter, SMS, email, call, or social media to contact you, impersonating Singapore Pools' personnel, to trick you into providing your personal information or even requesting a fee from you. In some instances, they pose as Singapore Pools' agent and approach you to become a Singapore Pools' retailer. Singapore Pools does not use third parties to provide such services.  

Never divulge your information without first verifying the authenticity of such personnel or callers or senders. 

Sure-win tips scam

Singapore Pools is aware of an ongoing scam that targets the public. The modus operandi of this scam includes a post on Facebook or unsolicited messages via Whatsapp, with photos of a cheque from Singapore Pools together with a “winning ticket”. Such posts or messages go on to claim that, for a price, they are able to provide “sure-win tips”.

If you encounter such social media posts or mobile messages, IGNORE IT or DELETE it immediately. Do not fall victim to such scams. If you or anyone you know are victims of such scams, please report it to the police.

Other known scams that target the public include:


​Lottery Scam



Victims are asked to pay a fee or tax to claim a prize.


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Loan Scam​



Victims are offered loans for a fee.


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​Online Purchase Scam



Victims pay for a good deal that never materialise.


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Alert us!


If you suspect that you have received fraudulent emails or messages described above, or encounter any website or social media accounts trying to pass off as Singapore Pools, you may bring it to our attention at


If you believe that you may have been a victim of scams, please make a police report immediately.