This is the spirit of our people.

Caring for our customers.
Serving the community with our resources, expertise, and time.


We are the pioneers advocating the need for Responsible Gaming measures and codes of conduct in Singapore.

From frontline staff to our management team, all our staff and retailers are inculcated with our Responsible Play philosophy.

In so doing, we instill Responsible Gaming as part of our culture, and for our customers, as a way of life.

Serving the community through volunteerism

Our staff volunteers have joyfully given their time to help disadvantaged children, bring cheer to needy elderly, conserve the environment, and inspire youths.

We believe that staff who have an emotional connection to good causes and a caring heart for the community will naturally care for the people they serve – our customers. This focus led to the initiation of iSHINE in 2003, a staff community programme that promotes 'I Serve from the Heart and In Nurturing Everyone' to support the community at large.