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50 years and beyond.

Singapore Pools is committed to be the industry champion for Responsible Gaming and is committed to do what is right to protect our customers.

Today, the combined effects of affluence, globalisation and the Internet has ushered in a gambling environment that is multifaceted, porous and without boundaries. There is the ominous threat from illegal operators who have no qualms about causing gambling addiction. The attractive profits have also prompted innovative means of getting off the radar screens of the law, such as disguising online gambling as Internet or mobile games.

The betting industry is a challenging environment. Yet, the battle must go on -- against those who could harm our people, especially our young. At stake are not just customers who may gamble away their livelihood, but the peace of mind and happiness of their loved ones.

Being entrusted by the society to provide a safe outlet for gambling in Singapore, we are committed to operate with the highest standards of Responsible Gaming.