As a company that believes firmly in doing good and building strong communities, we at Singapore Pools has always been looking for ways to uplift the community beyond being a major source of funding for good causes.

We have a stake in Singapore and the community we serve. We work towards creating meaningful impact and connections to foster and build caring and inclusive communities. In addition, we adhere to good practices and governance; and operate in a socially responsible manner with utmost care on how our activities may impact society.

This focus led to the initiation of iShine in 2003, a staff community program that promotes 'I Serve from the Heart and In Nurturing Everyone' to support the community at large.

iShine inculcates the spirit of doing good in our staff so that they will come to work with a higher purpose, knowing that they play a part in making a difference to our society.

Singapore Pools is a company that places the community at the heart of what we do. In the same vein, iShine aims to create a 'Family of Hearts' - in which our community engagement culture and spirit of philanthropy grow and flourish. Since its inception, iShine has raised more than $10.1 million in donations and this is a testament to Singapore Pools’ long-standing commitment in support of good and worthwhile causes.

Beyond giving, another strategic thrust of the iShine program is to inculcate a spirit of volunteerism in our staff, to empower and connect communities through their skills, talents and time.

iShine’s engagement with the community is built on three pillars:

iShine Volunteers 

Going an extra mile, our staff volunteer dedicated their time and resources in support of numerous worthy causes. Since 2003, our staff volunteers have helped disadvantaged children, bring cheer to frail and needy elderly persons, conserve the environment and organize meaningful fund-raising activities.


Resource Sharing 

We avail our retail network, draw expertise and facilities to non-profit organisations and community partners who have a need.


Some of these initiatives include the community housing scheme, venue sponsorship scheme, sale of charity draw tickets at our outlets, and the provision of draw expertise to charitable organisations.



Partnership Initiatives 

We invite the public and private sectors to partner us in innovative projects for the benefit of the community.


Since 2007, iShine staff volunteers have been collaborating with multiple corporate partners and business executives to organise various events under its flagship 'With a Heart' fundraiser, with over $5 million in donations raised to date in support of numerous charities and good causes.