Safer Play Environment 

Singapore Pools aims to provide a SaferPlay environment at all retail outlets, as well as for our Singapore Pools Account service.


For instance:

  • No betting by U-18 - Our game rules do not allow any person under the age of 18 to place a bet or claim a winning ticket prize at our outlets. We may ask for proof of age and ask the under-aged to leave our premises should they engage in any betting activities. If our customers have young children with them, we advise them to supervise the children at all times.

  • No betting on credit - We do not allow betting on credit. Our outlets accept only cash and NETS, and our Singapore Pools Account service accepts only cash, NETS, eNets, or debiting from a nominated personal bank account.

  • Providing a safe betting environment - Customers at our Livewire live betting venues can enjoy a little flutter without the influence of alcohol and smoke, and stay away from illegal betting activities.

  • Safer Play reminders - We actively carry responsible gaming messages, including:

    • "Play Responsibly" message and helpline behind every bet slip and ticket

    • "Play Responsibly" reminder in all communication materials

    • Advisories from the National Council on Problem Gambling in our outlets

  • Additional safeguards for Singapore Pools Account services:

    • Acceptance of account applications is limited to customers of at least 21 years of age, who present proof of identity and fulfil other terms and conditions, eg. are not undischarged bankrupts or under any Casino Exclusion Order. 

    • Access of accounts requires One-Time Passwords sent to customers’ mobile phones, so as to reduce chances of unauthorised access by family or friends including the under-aged.

    • Self-control mechanisms such as setting one’s deposit limit and betting limit, as well as voluntary self-exclusion are available for Account holders.

Product Design and Communications

Our product design and communications strategy put Safer Play principles first. We design our games in a manner that will not be likely to encourage excessive and irresponsible play.

Responsible game design

  • Low minimum bet amount for lottery games.

  • Modest jackpot that will not snowball into a huge amount. If there is no winner by the fourth draw, the jackpot will go to the next winning prize level.
  • No product designed to attract persons under the age of 18.

Responsible communications

  • We do not play up the rewards of gambling in an active effort to avoid encouraging addiction.

  • We adhere to guidelines on the use of words, tone, imagery and style in everything we publish.

  • Not only do we watch out for the content, we are sensitive to the choice of communication channel. Our materials are largely confined within our website and in-store. Notices in mass media carry only essential information.

Continuous Staff and Retailer Training

We ensure all staff and retailers are inculcated with Singapore Pools’ Safer Play philosophy starting with their orientation. Frontline personnel interact with our customers and play a key role in identifying and combating problem gambling. They are trained to apply values on Safer Play when dealing with our customers. The following training programmes are conducted on a continuous basis:

Annual refresher training on Safer Play
All staff and retailers are required to attend a compulsory refresher training on Safer Play held annually. The refresher training involves activity-based learning sessions, talks by counsellors and experts, followed by quizzes to reinforce knowledge of principles and the importance of caring for our customers.

ART – Appropriate Response Training
To ensure all new staff promote responsible gambling measures and respond appropriately while dealing with customers in the course of their work, they will undergo a mandatory four-hour training programme called “Appropriate Response Training for Responsible Gaming” (ART) within six months of commencing work with Singapore Pools. ART is designed to enable new staff to gain knowledge and understanding on areas such as:

  • Signs and harms associated with problem gambling;

  • Assisting and communicating to customer who display signs of gambling related issues; 

  • Dealing with difficult situations involving gambling related issues; and

  • Procedures for disseminating materials on Safer Play, help services for problem gambling and gambling related issues.

ART Training Programme attendees are required to pass a test administered at the end of the training session.

Care for Winners Programme

We have in place a Care for Winners Programme, in partnership with Monetary Authority of Singapore’s (MAS) MoneySENSE, the national financial education initiative. This is an enhancement to our existing customer care programme, introduced in 2010 to educate customers who have won large prize amounts on how they can preserve and grow their newfound wealth.

Our information kit comprises a suite of bilingual (English and Chinese) videos, brochures, posters, banners and standees to convey advice on how to manage their winnings with care and planning. For instance, prize winners would be advised to:

  • Be debt-free and pay off any outstanding loans, especially the ones that incur higher interest charges, first;

  • Draw up a budget for expenses, avoid drastic lifestyle changes, and think twice before spending excessively;

  • Identify and fulfil financial goals such as plans for post-retirement income or children’s educational expenses;

  • Invest wisely by understanding the features, costs, limitations and potential risks involved for different types of savings plans and investment instruments; and

  • Consider sharing the joy by helping those in need.

In line with our duty of care towards our customers, we hope to help prize winners realise that they can become winners in life too, through good management of their prize money.

Through this programme, customers who claim prizes of S$5,000 and above at Singapore Pools Building are provided with information on financial planning tips and Safer Play messages. We aim to provide our winners with a positive winning experience.

Annual Safer Play Campaign

Started in 2007, our Safer Play programme puts across in a fun and creative manner various aspects of responsible gaming to customers, staff and retailers. It is underpinned by research, global Responsible Gaming expertise, policy discussions and collaboration with various stakeholders.

We hope this holistic approach instils responsible gaming as part of our culture and for our customers, a way of life.

The programme includes:

  • Developing interactive activities for various aspects of responsible gaming to engage customers, staff and retailers, such as role-play and contests for staff during their annual refresher training; card-based games at our outlets and online games for customers to identify and learn about Safer Play principles in a fun and interactive manner

  • Engaging the community – partnering social welfare groups to jointly develop the training materials, conduct the staff training and customer outreach programmes; and use of community halls instead of our premises for staff training

  • Talks by overseas experts to learn the latest trends and developments in the area of responsible gaming

  • Research to explore new ideas and provide a sound basis for introducing changes to the programme contents and formats.

  • Collaboration with government, policy think-tanks, community leaders, responsible gaming experts and other stakeholders to discuss the policy aspects of Safer Play. These include:

    • forums jointly hosted with the Institute of Policy Studies in Singapore.

    • playing a major role in inaugurating the nation-wide Safer Play Awareness Week programme.

    • working with the National Crime Prevention Council to dovetail responsible gaming messaging into anti-illegal gambling messages.

    • working with the National Council on Problem Gambling to incorporate information on their services in our programme messages.