Placing 4D bets by phone

Call our Lottery Betting Line at 6212 0039 to place Self Pick bets for Ordinary, 4D Roll and System Entry for draws conducted on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday.

Lottery Betting Line operating hours

6.30am - 6pm, daily.

Draws available

Only available for draws conducted on Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday.

Bet types and stake

Place up to four boards per transaction, and up to 12 boards per call.

You can choose both Self Pick and Quick Pick bets.

Bet Type

Maximum number of boards

Stake per board



$5 - $500



$1 - $500

4D Roll


$1 - $500


Not available via Lottery Betting Line

Placing 4D bets by phone

You will hear a series of voice prompts that will help you enter your lottery selections using the number pad on the phone.

Listen carefully to the playback before confirming your bets.

Placing 4D Express Self Pick bets by phone

Place your Self Pick bets faster with the 4D Express option.

Track your bets

Go to Transaction History online, or call 6786 6688 to track your lottery bets.

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