Placing sports bets by phone

Call our Sports Betting Line at 6691 9888 to place pre-match sports bets, up till sales close, before the start of the event, as well as live sports bets while the event is ongoing.

Sports Betting Line operating hours

8am - up to our sales close before the scheduled start of the sports event, or during the event if live betting is available.

Bet types and stake

Visit the sports homepage to find out the events, bet types available and odds.

The minimum stake per bet is $5. The minimum stake per call is $25.

Placing sports bets by phone

  1. Call our Sports Betting Line at 6691 9888 to speak to a Customer Service Representative (CSR) who will help take your bets.

  2. Inform the CSR of your selections in this order:

    • Event - e.g. Manchester United vs. Chelsea, or Singapore Race

    • Bet Type - e.g. 1X2 or Race Winner - Team

    • Selection - e.g. Manchester United or Ferrari

    • Stake - e.g. $50

  3. The CSR will echo your selection. Confirm, or cancel your selection.

    Repeat the above steps to line up bets. Bets have not been placed at this point.

  4. After you have confirmed the selections for your bets, the CSR will read back all your selections.

    Listen carefully to the read-back and inform immediately if there are any mistakes.

  5. If the read-back is correct, confirm and instruct the CSR to process your bets.

    Bets are final after you have instructed the CSR to process them.

  6. The CSR will place your bets.

    Wait for confirmation on the status of your bets before ending the call.

Note: Live bets for each event will be processed as a separate transaction.

Track your bets

Go to Transaction History online to track your bets.

We are committed to providing good service to our customers. At the same time, we value our staff and reserve the right to take appropriate action to protect our staff from any form of abuse.

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