1. Where can I get WinZip?

Please proceed to #2 if you already have WinZip installed. Or else, follow the steps below.

Download WinZip here.

To install, run the installer and follow the steps accordingly.


2. How do I prepare a zip file with password protection?

Right-click 'Start'.

Select 'Explore'.

Browse to the file to go in the archive.

Right-click the file.

If you are using WinZip, select 'WinZip'.

Select 'Add to Zip...'.

Click 'New'.

Specify the name you want to give the zip file, e.g. sample.

Select a place to save the Zip file to (make a note of this).

Click 'OK'.

Click 'Password'.

Enter and confirm a password, e.g. sample.

Make a note of the password, you will need it for your email.

Click 'Add'.

Close the archive when done.


3. How can I add more files to the archive?

Browse another file.

Right-click it.

Select 'WinZip'.

Select 'Add to Zip file'.

Click 'Open'.

Double-click your Zip file (it will probably be displayed, browse to it if not).

Click 'Add'.

Close the archive when done.


4. Browser compatibility chart

Browser Supported Not supported
Microsoft EdgeX
Internet Explorer 11X
Internet Explorer 10X
Internet Explorer 9X
Internet Explorer 8X
Internet Explorer 7X
Internet Explorer 6X
Google Chrome (latest released version)X
Mozilla Firefox (latest released version)X
Apple Safari (latest released version)X