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Singapore Racing

Premiership for 2023



Rank Trainer Runners 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1 Ong Koon Yew Jason 514 66 57 57 63
2 Timothy Luke Fitzsimmons 490 56 70 49 57
3 Daniel Francis Meagher 279 39 33 24 30
4 Michael John Clements 273 36 27 25 40
5 Steven Harold Burridge 272 36 27 21 25


Rank Jockey Rides 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1 Manoel Nunes Da Silva 429 95 72 59 51
2 Marc Robert Lerner 274 44 32 29 274
3 Wong Chin Chuen 260 44 30 30 260
4 Vladimir Duric 177 39 32 21 177
5 Ronald Lepley Stewart 301 32 29 36 301
Apprentice Jockey

Apprentice Jockey

Rank Apprentice Jockey Rides 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
1 Seow Poh Hui 261 14 24 17 23
2 Muhammad Noor Jamil Bin Mohd Sarwi 149 12 14 13 9
3 Muhammad Rozlan Bin Nazam 183 11 8 14 17
4 Mohamad Akmazani Bin Mazuki 164 6 14 14 7
5 Mohamad Faiz Bin Mohamad Khair 143 5 5 4 11


Founded in 1842, the Singapore Turf Club, then known as the Singapore Sporting Club, is the oldest Club in Singapore.

The first race meeting was held at Serangoon Road Racecourse at Farrer Park field on 23 February 1843 with the inaugural race called the Singapore Cup, with a prizemoney of $150.

In 1924, the Club changed its name to the Singapore Turf Club. The Club moved to Bukit Timah in 1933 before relocating to its present location at the Singapore Racecourse at Kranji in 1999.

Singapore Turf Club is the only the authorized operator to conduct horse racing activities in Singapore and is a member of the Malayan Racing Association.


Racing in Singapore

Horse racing is staged all year round, either on a Saturday or Sunday, restricted to thoroughbred horses. Since there is no breeding industry in Singapore, all thoroughbred horses are imported from overseas with the majority from Australia and New Zealand.

Foreigners may own horses in Singapore. Horse owners who are made up of both Singaporeans and foreigners purchase horses from overseas and send them to the trainers to train and race their horses at the Singapore Turf Club.

Trainers are licensed under the Malayan Racing Association (MRA) Rules of Racing to train at the Singapore Turf Club. Jockeys are engaged by the owners and/or trainers to ride their horses in races comprise mainly of local jockeys, apprentices, and expatriate jockeys, whose licenses are granted by the Singapore Turf Club under the MRA Rules of Racing and Regulations.

You can find the latest Singapore racing information at the Singapore Turf Club website

Track Information

Tracks at the racecourse are used for racing and training purposes.

Track 1 Course Width
Length of Course
Turf Track (Course A) 31 1800m Short Course
Turf Track (Course B) 27 2000m Long Course
Turf Track (Course C) 23
Turf Track (Course D) 19
Turf Track (Course E) 17
Track 2-7 Course Width
Length of Course
Track No 2 (Polytrack) 25 1500
Track No 3 (Sand Track) 20 1300
Track No 4 (Polytrack) 10 1000
Track No 5 (Sand Track) 8 500
Track No 6 (Polytrack) 6 1600
Track No 7 (Uphill, Polytrack) 11 1000
Horse Trail 9 890

Did You

History in Numbers


Singapore Turf Club was founded as Singapore Sporting Club at Farrer Park.


The first race was held to mark the 24th anniversary of Singapore's founding.


The Singapore Derby was first run with a prize money of $150.


Straits Racing Association, known today as Malayan Racing Association was formed


Singapore Sporting Club changed its name to Singapore Turf Club.

Serangoon Road Racecourse was moved to Bukit Timah Racecourse.


Queen Elizabeth II visited the Club for the Queen Elizabeth II Cup.


First two women jockeys were granted permit to ride in Singapore.


Raffles Cup was introduced with a prize money of $250,000.


Kranji Racecourse was officially opened by SR Nathan, President of Singapore.


Queen Elizabeth II paid a second visit to Singapore Turf Club after 34 years.