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Second Prize: $500,000
First Prize: $2,300,000
Third Prize: $250,000
Singapore Sweep
Statistics & History
Once known as the Big Sweep, the first Singapore Sweep was held by Singapore Pools in 1969 to raise funds for the construction of our first National Stadium. Each ticket cost $1 and the first prize was $400,000 then. The game contributed $14.5 million to the construction cost over a few years, till 1973.
The first prize increased to
The first prize amount was further increased to $1 Million and the ticket price to $2.
Singapore Pools gave $45 million to the construction of Singapore Indoor Stadium over three years.
The prize structure was revised to include more prizes, including a Premium Prize worth a minimum of $99,000, and the possibility of snowballing.
The game was relaunched with a new prize structure, raising the Premium Prize to a minimum of $200,000. All net proceeds of the game were pledged to the construction of the Esplanade - Theatres on the Bay.
The first prize doubled to
The first prize amount progressively increase to the $2.3 Million prize today.
Traditional pre-printed tickets is replaced with on-demand ticket printing within Singapore Pools outlets.
Singapore Sweep ticket now looks similar to 4D or TOTO ticket.
There is no change to the Singapore Sweep game and prize structure. There are 3.5 million sets of seven-digit numbers for sale and each set costs $3.
Sales close at 6pm on draw day for Singapore Sweep. The draw will be conducted at 6.30pm.
You can now pick your four digits for your Singapore Sweep number too.

A few options are available

for placing your Singapore Sweep bets

Digits that are not self picked will be randomly generated.
Note: These options are only available at Singapore Pools outlets.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no change to the game play or the prize structure. There are 3.5 million sets of seven-digit numbers available for each draw with numbers ranging from 1000000 to 4499999.

There is no change to the Singapore Sweep price. Each set of 7-digit number costs $3.

No, Singapore Sweep is currently not available for online betting.

Sale of tickets for each Singapore Sweep draw begins after the previous draw takes place on the first Wednesday of each month.

You can buy Singapore Sweep at our outlets and from Singapore Sweep vendors.

Locate an outlet or Singapore Sweep vendor.

Singapore Sweep is not available for online or phone betting.

Just tell the counter staff the number of boards you want. Alternatively, you may choose to place a 4D bet along with a Singapore Sweep bet. To do so, mark your selections as well as “SG SWEEP” on the 4D bet slip before handing it to the counter staff (only for 4D Ordinary bets). Your Singapore Sweep bet will then end with the same four digits as your 4D bet.

You can choose to place Singapore Sweep bet with 4D bet slip or approach our counter staff to pick any of the following:

  1. Quick Pick - for 7 random digits
  2. First Digit - Pick your own first digit:1, 2, 3 or 4
  3. Last 4 Digits - Pick your own last four digits
  4. 100 Numbers – for 100 sets of numbers in running sequence with last two digits from 00 – 99 designated by “RR”

Note: Only available at our outlets.

No, but you can pick your own first digit or last four digits if you want.

As each set of 7-digit number is unique, it is possible that some numbers may be sold out and allowing selection of your own numbers may increase the bet processing time at the outlets.

There is no Singapore Sweep bet slip. However, if you wish to place a 4D bet along with a Singapore Sweep bet, you can mark “SG SWEEP” on your 4D bet slip together with your 4D selections (only for 4D Ordinary bets) You will then receive two bet tickets for your purchase, one for 4D and the other for Singapore Sweep.

No, you only use a 4D bet slip if you would like to place a Singapore Sweep bet ending with the same last four digits as your 4D Ordinary bet.

The “SG SWEEP” has replaced the “QP” option on the 4D bet slip. If you wish to make a 4D Quick Pick bet, just tell our counter staff instead of using the bet slip.

Yes, you can still use the old 4D bet slips but the “QP” option has been disabled.

The Singapore Sweep draw time will be at 6.30pm with effect from Wed, 1 Aug 2018.

Results are available at the Singapore Pools website and outlets after the draw. You may also subscribe on our website to receive Singapore Sweep results by email.

For prize amounts up to $5,000, visit any Singapore Pools branch for cash collection. For prize amounts above $5,000, visit our Singapore Pools Main Branch (210 Middle Road) for cheque collection, available Mondays to Fridays, 8am - 4.30pm, excluding Public Holidays.

Selection of first digit or last four digits is only available at our outlets as the tickets are printed upon request while stocks last. However, the tickets sold by our Singapore Sweep vendors (including persons with disabilities) are pre-printed and your choice may not be available.