World Lottery Association (WLA)


WLA is an international body of lottery organisations that  requires member gaming operators to:

  • conduct business fairly and justly based on established industry benchmarks
  • commit to corporate citizenship, including channelling proceeds to the community and act responsibly on the issues of problem gambling and underage betting

In recognition of our effort to be a socially responsible gaming operator, we have been awarded Level 4 Certification of the World Lottery Association Responsible Gaming Framework Certification Programme. This is the highest endorsement the association offers, indicating that our key operations, including game design, marketing and sales, distribution, staff and customer education, have met the stringent responsible gaming standards of the international lottery industry.

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Asia Pacific Lottery Association (APLA)

APLA advances the goals and collective interests of its members and enhances the capability, common knowledge and status of individual members.

APLA believes that there are local issues which are important that a locally based membership group can better address. It also gives this fastest growing region in the world an opportunity to have their voice expressed through the APLA representative members of WLA.

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