• What is eBetslip?

    eBetslip is an option for our customers to mark their bet slips through a mobile app. As part of Singapore Pools' responsible gaming and green efforts, eBetslip provides customers who choose to buy 4D and TOTO at our outlets with an option to mark their bets without using paper bet slips. You can also use the app to keep track of your betting expenses and, in doing so, practise responsible play habits.

  • What are the differences between eBetslip and Singapore Pools mobile app?

    eBetslip app provides an option for our outlet customers to mark their 4D and TOTO bets, at the same time promoting the responsible play habits such as setting one's expenditure limits. Whereas, Singapore Pools mobile app which is similar to our existing web services is meant for creating a more seamless experience for our account customers.

  • How does eBetslip work?

    Mark your bet slips using eBetslip app, generate the QR codes and scan to complete your purchase at the outlets.

  • Can I use the app at any Singapore Pools outlet?

    The service will be launched progressively from September 2018.

  • Does eBetslip require data/wifi?

    Yes, you need data/wifi to use eBetslip, as part of third-party hosting requirements. However, the actual consumption of data/wifi will be minimal.

  • Does the app work on tablets?

    The app works best on smartphones.

  • Which mobile devices and operating systems are compatible with the app?

    eBetslip works best on Android devices operating on Android 5.0 Lollipop and above, and on Apple devices operating on iOS version 9 and above.

  • What kind of products can I purchase through this app?

    Currently 4D and TOTO only, as these two products consume the most paper bet slips.

  • Will other products be available on this app?

    We will consider offering other products later.

  • What is the expense tracker feature on the app?

    This feature allows you to adopt more responsible play habits and track your betting expenses for a stated duration.

  • Can this app be used for online betting?


  • How do I purchase my bets?

    After your QR codes are scanned and the transaction goes through, your bet tickets will be printed. Please make your payment accordingly and note that some numbers may be sold out (applicable to 4D only).

  • How do I mark my bets?

    You can either enter your bets via the keypad or mark your bets via the digital bet slip on the app.

  • How many bet slips can I mark? Can I combine 4D and TOTO bets?

    A minimum of 1 bet slip and a maximum of 16 bet slips* are allowed with a combination of 8 betslips each for both 4D (per bet slip is 4 boards) and TOTO (per bet slip is 6 boards) bets.

    *Based on Ordinary Entry bets.

  • What if I have selected my numbers or bet amounts wrongly?

    You may delete that bet and mark again.

  • Will my bet history be saved on eBetslip?

    No, the app does not record your actual betting transactions but only tracks your expenses upon your confirmation and update.

  • Why can't I scan my bets on the scanner?

    Try adjusting your phone settings to increase the brightness of the screen for the scanner to read the QR code properly.

  • Can I save the screenshots captured from the QR code?

    Screenshots are not encouraged. If you are saving them for future purchases, please note that the purchases will be based on the draw day you have earlier formulated your bets for.

  • Can I pay through eBetslip?

    No, eBetslip only allows you to mark and scan your bets currently.

  • Can I cancel my bets on the app?

    Your bets are not processed until you scan your QR codes on the scanner at the outlet.

  • Will I be notified about my winnings through the app?

    No, eBetslip will not notify you about the winnings as the app does not record the actual betting transactions.

  • Will there be any changes to the procedures to claim a prize with the use of the app?


  • Do I need to set the expenditure limit before placing a bet?

    As part of Singapore Pools' efforts to encourage Responsible Play habits, eBetslip customers have to set their expenditure limit before using the app.

  • How do I track my betting expenses?

    First, you have to set your expense limit and frequency. Subsequently, update your expenses by pressing the "Update Expenses" button after scanning your QR codes on the scanner at the outlet.

  • Will I be alerted when my expense limit is reached?

    You will be alerted if you have reached 75% and 100% of the set limit within the period.

  • Are there any criteria to use the app?

    No, it does not require any registration and the information in the app cannot be transferred to another mobile number or device. For Android users, you can download the eBetslip app through a link from the Singapore Pools website. For iOS users, the app is available for download from the App Store.

  • What other functions are available on eBetslip other than marking bet slips digitally?

    Bet slips marked can be saved for betting later. You can get our official lottery results from eBetslip and track your betting expenses. If you have exceeded your set budget, you will be notified within the app.

  • Will paper bet slips be removed from outlets with the introduction of the app?

    We will not immediately remove paper bet slips from our outlets. However, we hope our customers will use eBetslip to adopt responsible play habits and help reduce paper wastage.

  • How do you introduce Responsible Play measures to the retail customers through the app?

    The app has an expense tracking feature for responsible gaming that allows you to track betting expenses either on a weekly or monthly basis. You will be alerted if you have reached 75% and 100% of the set limit.

  • Does eBetslip help in being more environmentally-friendly?

    Yes, it will support the green initiative of Singapore Pools, by reducing the use of paper bet slips across the outlets.

  • How much paper could you save by launching the eBetslip app?

    If 10% of our retail customers use eBetslip, 1,210 trees can be saved which is about 71 tonnes of paper.

  • Are you expecting additional sales with the introduction of the app?

    We do not expect any additional sales with the introduction of eBetslip since it is merely an alternative to paper bet slips, with added features to enable us to promote responsible play habits and a more environmentally-friendly way of conducting business.

  • What should I do if the app crashes?

    Firstly, try restarting the app to see if it works. If still doesn't work, you may contact Customer Service at 6786 6688.

  • How do I give feedback on the use of the app?

    You can contact our customer service by phone (6786 6688) or email us.

  • How to make sure my app is always the latest version?

    iOS users, check for updates on the App Store. Click on the 'Update' button whenever available.

    Android users, you will need to visit our website to check for latest updates.

  • How do I download the app?

    For Android users, you can download the eBetslip app here

    For iOS users, the app is available for download from the App Store.

  • How do I uninstall the app?

    iOS users, press and hold down on the app icon until the icon jiggles and a little 'X' button appears on its upper left corner. Tap on the little 'X' to uninstall.

    Android users, go to Settings > Apps and select the Singapore Pools app. There will be an 'Uninstall' button.