Community Housing Scheme

The housing of community services at selected second-level units of Singapore Pools branches is an initiative to avail affordable office space to worthy causes.

Since 2007, four welfare organisations have benefited from this scheme. They are:

  • Caring Fleet – a social enterprise that provides specialised and subsidised transportation services to people with mobility difficulties.
  • Clubilya – a non-profit drop-in centre for youths.
  • Micro Credit Business Scheme – a social enterprise that provides loans for small businesses.
  • Singapore Center for Social Enterprise – an incubator for social enterprises.

Venue Support

Sharing our centrally located venues during off-peak periods with community groups is an initiative by Singapore Pools to support worthy programmes.

Many community groups have used our venues, since 2011, to host forums, workshops, charity fund-raising and volunteer networking events. This way, they can access innovative and professional venues while minimising their event management cost.

Sale of Charity Draw Tickets

Since 2009, many charity organisations have been tapping our network of 300 retail outlets to sell their donation draw tickets and raise much-needed funds. To date, over $500,000 has been raised through this channel to benefit various good causes.

Providing Draw Expertise

Conducting over 250 draws every year for lottery games, we share our draw expertise with organisations which intend to raise funds through charity donation draws.

Facilitating Winners To Share Their Joy

For winners who wish to share their joy with the less fortunate, we facilitate donations to the President's Challenge. Since 2008, winners have donated over $558,000 to help many charities.


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