Believing that an emotional connection to good causes and caring for the community will help to build positive character and inculcate strong personal values among our employees, Singapore Pools promotes and supports our staff volunteerism programme named iShine.  It is our belief that staff who are committed to doing good will naturally care for the people they serve -- our customers.   

Since its inception in 2003, iShine now has six groups which staff can join to participate in various causes :


Since 2003, Singapore Pools' i-FRIEND volunteers have been bringing happiness and companionship to the residents of The Society For The Aged Sick (SAS). This adopted charity by i-FRIEND is a non-profit organisation providing residential care to over 200 elderly persons.

Over the years, our i-FRIEND volunteers have become familiar faces at SAS' premises. We plan our visits around cultural festivals such as the Mid-Autumn Festival, the Dumpling Festival, Chinese New Year and Christmas as we want to bring festive cheer to our beneficiaries. Festive occasions are also times when friends and families get together, and we believe no one should be left alone.  Staff are welcomed to bring their children along during our visits to SAS where we serve food, organise games and engage with the elderly staying there. 


Helping children with special needs is close to the hearts of our i-CARE volunteers. Since 2003, Metta Welfare Association (MWA) has been the Team’s adopted charity. Working in close partnership with the association, our team is involved in numerous activities at Metta School and Metta Preschool.

The Metta Carnival and Metta Charity Run are significant events that we support every year to help MWA raise funds for the development and enrichment of its disability care, medical care, special education and early intervention programmes.

Pals For Active Living

Pals for Active Living (p.a.l.) promotes active ageing among elderly Singaporeans, as physical and social wellness are vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in one's golden years.  We engage the elderly in active ageing pursuits such as social outings, celebrations of festive occasions and lifelong learning, such as equipping the elderly with basic skills in Internet and smartphone usage so that they can be connected with the digital generation.

Our volunteers also serve in many different community events and activities that benefit the needy elderly in Singapore's society. Tapping on Singapore Pool's islandwide retail presence, Team p.a.l. has established strong community ties through our active collaboration with numerous grassroot organisations, resident committees, voluntary welfare organizations and government institutions.   


Tender Love & Care (TL&C) is about bringing joy, positive values and loving care to children in need. The Sunbeam Place is a gazetted place of safety for children who have been abused and neglected and are in need of protection, or whose parents are unable to provide proper care. Sunbeam Place, under the Singapore Children’s Society, has been TL&C’s adopted beneficiary since November 2003. 

TL&C members organise a variety of outings, workshops and programmes to bring joy and purposeful learning to the children at Sunbeam Place. Believing that the love of reading is the best gift one can give a child, TL&C started a reading programme in 2007.  With training support, books and activity sheets from the National Library Board, our staff volunteers take turns to visit Sunbeam Place to read with children aged 7 to 9 on a weekly basis.

Besides imparting literacy skills, TL&C members hold self-improvement workshops with topics ranging from western dinning etiquette, personal grooming to cooking and baking. Other outdoor fun we had put together in the past include: rock climbing, canopy walks and flying fox sessions.  These activities helped to instill confidence in the children as they learnt to overcome the high-element obstacles. These activities and engagements contributed in developing the strengths and skills of the children as they prepare themselves to reunite with their families or join the society on their own as young adults.

Earth Buddiz

The Earth Buddiz Team is made up of staff volunteers who have an interest in conserving the environment and promoting a greener lifestyle.

We know it is challenging to be green in a planet of consumerism and wastage. We strive to alter this mindset, through our activities and education efforts in partnership with our three major beneficiaries – the Nature Society (Singapore), the Singapore Environment Council and Students Care Service.


SportsFrenz volunteers are passionate about sports and believe that it is a great way to break down communication barriers and build confidence and character in youths. SportsFrenz works with Singapore Association of the Deaf and Students Care Services (Hougang) to organise and engage in sports activities.