​​Horse Racing Betting Guide & Info

Bet Types

Customers can place bets on the various bet types offered by Singapore Pools. Betting on the totalisator is conducted on a pari-mutuel basis. After deduction of Goods & Services Tax and Singapore Pools’ commission, the balance is paid out as dividends to the winners.

Marking of Coupons

Customers can use the mark-sense betting coupons provided to place bets.

Bet Combination Tables

Bet combination tables allow customers to know the number of bet combinations for different number of horses selected through box betting or banker betting.


Commingling of pools is the process where one totalisator organisation combines its wagering pool with another to create one common dividend. With a bigger betting pool, customers enjoy greater dividend stability and potentially better dividends.

Rebate Program

Customers will be eligible to receive a rebate of 10% of the total losing bet amount of any betline with a total losing bet amount of $2,000 and above in designated pools.

Betting Information Displays (Electronic Display System)

Customers can refer to the Betting Information Displays for updates on betting information such as approximate dividends, race results and media selections.