Singapore Pools mobile app

  • What is the Singapore Pools mobile app?

    Singapore Pools mobile app allows you to access online betting services, as well as lottery results, sports fixtures and results from the only official source.

  • How do I download?

  • What is the difference between the app and the website?

    Both platforms are offering similar services.

  • Which mobile devices and operating systems are compatible with the app?

    Our app works best on Android devices operating on recent Android releases, and on Apple devices operating on recent iOS releases.

    *Please note that BETA versions are not supported.

  • How do I uninstall the app?

    For iOS users, press and hold down on the app icon until the icon jiggles and a little [X] button appears on its upper left corner. Tap on the little [X] to uninstall.

    For Android users, go to [Settings], [Apps] and select the Singapore Pools mobile app. There will be an [Uninstall] button.

  • How to make sure my app is always the latest version?

    For iOS users, check for updates on the App Store. Click on the [Update] button whenever available.

    For Android users, you will be notified when the app requires an update.

  • Why do I get logged out after 30 minutes?

    For security reasons, if a session has been inactive for more than 30 minutes or another session has been initiated, we will log you out of your account. To protect your account from unauthorised use, remember to log out after every session.

  • How do I log out?

    To log out, click on [Account], and select [Log Out].

  • Will there be any impact on my current account settings or subscriptions?

    Your current account settings and subscriptions will not be affected.

  • Can I use the app from overseas?

    You will not be able to access our app from overseas.

  • What if I lose my mobile device?

    Your Singapore Pools Account is still secure with your username and password.

  • What if I change to another mobile device?

    If you change to a new mobile device, please download our app on the new device.

  • What safety precautions should I take when using the Singapore Pools mobile app?

    To protect your account from unauthorised use, remember to log out after every session.

  • Why can't I download Singapore Pools Android app directly from Google Play Store?

    Google does not allow gambling applications on its Google Play app store. Therefore, we host and distribute our own Android app on our website.

    Find out more about download and installation.

  • Is it safe to download Singapore Pools Android app from your website?

    Please only download the Singapore Pools mobile app hosted on our website. Security arrangements are in place to ensure your safety.

    Android users are strongly advised not to download any other versions of the mobile app hosted on other unverified sites. We are unable to ensure that these other versions are safe for use.