Believing that an emotional connection to good causes and caring for the community will help to build positive character and inculcate strong personal values among our employees, Singapore Pools promotes and supports our staff volunteerism programme. It is our belief that staff who are committed to doing good will naturally care for the people they serve -- our customers. 


In 2023, we celebrated the 20th  year of our staff volunteerism programme. Ever since the programme started, our volunteerism rate has grown to about 60%. The programme has numerous initiatives to provide aid to people from all walks of life and raised more than $10.1 million in donations for a variety of noble causes. 




Today, we have six staff led groups that adopted different charities and organise programmes with them monthly on top of the other charities that we support. Through these ground up initiative by our staff, it offer a variety of meaningful volunteering opportunities for fellow Singapore Pools employees. We hope this will help to to inculcate a strong volunteerism spirit in our staff. The six staff led groups are:   



i-Friend volunteers work closely with The Society for the Aged Sick (SAS) to provide care to over 200 senior citizens suffering from problems of ageing or chronic sickness. Over the last two decades, i-Friend volunteers have regularly held events during festive periods to bring joy and cheer to the residents. Staff are also welcome to bring their children along during visits to SAS where volunteers serve food, organise games and engage with the elderly staying there.


Volunteers with the i-Care group have been working with the Metta Welfare Association (MWA) since 2003. MWA is a charity that runs a wide range of initiatives related to matters like palliative care, early intervention programmes for children, as well as residential and respite care for special needs individuals. Working in close partnership with the association, the group is involved in numerous monthly activities at the various schools and centers that Metta owns. Every year, two major events, The Metta Carnival and Metta Charity Run also aim to help Metta raise funds.

Pals For Active Living  

Pals for Active Living (p.a.l.) promotes active ageing among elderly Singaporeans, as physical and social wellness are vital for maintaining a healthy lifestyle in one's golden years. The volunteer group regularly collaborates with grassroot organisations, resident committees, voluntary welfare organizations and government institutions to improve the well-being of the elderly through active ageing. Events that this group has held or supported over the years include workshops that teach digital skills, festive celebrations and gardening lessons.


Tender Love & Care (TL&C) is about bringing joy, positive values and loving care to children in need. Since November 2003, the group has been collaborating with Sumbeam Place to care for children who have been abused and neglected.Believing that the love of reading is the best gift one can give a child, TL&C started a reading programme in 2007. With training support, books and activity sheets from the National Library Board, our staff volunteers took turns to visit Sunbeam Place to read with children on a weekly basis. Besides imparting literacy skills, TL&C members also hold self-improvement workshops and outdoor activities for the children too.

Earth Buddiz

Earth Buddiz is made up of staff volunteers who have an interest in conserving the environment and promoting a greener lifestyle. They know it is challenging to be green in a planet of consumerism and wastage, so they strive to alter this mindset through their activities and education efforts. The group collaborate with various partners such as Preschool Market, GreenSG COLLAB and Nature Society (Singapore). Some activites like working with Preschool Market, which is a preschool consultancy to conduct workshops for underprivileged children using recyclables, creates opportunities for underprivileged children to have fun whilst instilling a strong sense of environmental awareness among the children starting from a young age.


Whoever said that sports are just about keeping fit and having fun? In partnership with SHINE Children and Youth Services, the SportsFrenz group uses sports as a means to empower youth through character-building activities..