Ministry of Home Affairs has announced today that Singapore Pools will be allowed to offer remote gambling for our existing 4D and TOTO lotteries, football and motor-racing sports betting products, as an Exempt Operator under the Remote Gambling Act 2014.

Arising from the announcement, Singapore Pools expects to launch an enhanced Singapore Pools Account service on 25 Oct 2016 that will allow registered customers to place bets online through, in addition to our current phone betting lines. To operate a Singapore Pools Account, customers must meet stringent social safeguard criteria.

With immediate effect, applications for Singapore Pools accounts will be deferred until the new service is launched.

Existing account customers can continue to place bets using our current phone service until 6pm, 24 Oct 2016.  Singapore Pools will notify them on the need to update their personal particulars by 23 Oct 2016 in order to use the enhanced service when it is launched.  More details will be sent to all account customers directly.

Singapore Pools sees the need to offer online service for its products not to condone or promote gambling, but as a necessary part of the nation's ecosystem to minimise law and order concerns and social consequences of illegal gambling activities, which have now moved online.

As Singapore Pools' long track record has shown, it will continue to uphold high standards of transparency and integrity in the conduct of its operations. Being entrusted as an Exempt Operator is a responsibility that Singapore Pools takes very seriously. It is fully committed to uphold and meet the stricter standards of accountability, and the greater levels of scrutiny that come with the exemption.

About Singapore Pools

The government established Singapore Pools on 23 May 1968 to provide safe and trusted betting to counter illegal gambling. As a not-for-profit organisation, all of Singapore Pools’ surplus are channelled to Tote Board to fund a wide range of causes in social service, community development, sports, the arts, education and health sectors. Currently, Singapore Pools contributes about $2 billion annually to the Government in the form of taxes and duties, and for the funding of good causes.

To ensure our responsible gaming practices are benchmarked to international standards, we adopt the World Lottery Association’s Responsible Gaming Framework and received the highest level of certification (Level 4) in 2012 and gained re-certification in 2015.

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