Sports betting

  • What sports bets can I place online?

    A Singapore Pools Account allows you to place sports bets online.

    You can place pre-match sports bets, up till sales close, before the start of the event, as well as live sports bets while the event is ongoing.

    Find out about placing sports bets online.

  • How do I place a sports bet at outlets?

    Place pre-match sports bets, up till sales close, before the start of the event during outlet operating hours.

    Locate our outlet.

    Live sports betting is also available at our Livewire venue.

    Locate our Livewire venues.

  • Is live score available for all events offered for betting?

    Live score is available online.

    Please note that live score may not be available for some events.

  • When can I place a sports bet?

    Place pre-match bets as soon as odds are available, up till sales close.

    Live betting for selected events is available online or at Livewire venues.

  • Why is the winning for my Half-Time Sports bets not credited to my account during the second half of the game?

    For pre-event sports bets (including Half-Time bet types), winnings will only be credited within 60 minutes after event conclusion and results are verified.

    For live-betting sports bets, Half-Time bet types will be resulted after first half of the game.

  • Where can I find the event/match number and bet type number?

    If an event is available for betting at outlets, you can find a four-digit event/match number together with the event information at the top left corner, e.g.: 1234. USA vs England. And a two-digit bet type number next to the bet type header. E.g., 01. 1X2.

  • Why can't I place my sports bet online?

    You must first have a Singapore Pools Account to place bets online.

    If you already have a Singapore Pools Account, check that you have sufficient funds in your account for your bets and have not exceeded your Monthly Betting Limit.

  • Why are more funds deducted than the actual stake?

    If you are paying for your sports bet through bank link, the stake you have entered will be transferred from your bank account. If bets are rejected or re-offered, reducing your actual stake, the difference will be credited back to your Singapore Pools Account.

  • Is there any transaction fee for online sports bets?

    There is no transaction fee for bet placement.

    However, if you use Bank Link, PayNow or eNets, there is fee for each payment. This fee goes to third-party service providers and administrators of the service.

    If you wish to avoid a fee, you can deposit by cash deposit at Singapore Pools branches.

  • Where can I find the telecast schedule for sports?

  • Where can I find sports results?

  • Where can I find updates on sports match abandonment and sales extensions?

Asian Handicap

Handicap 1X2

  • Is there [Push] for Handicap 1X2?

    There is no [Push] (Refunded of stake) outcome for handicap 1X2.

    Find out more about the Football Sports Betting Appendix.

  • Will Handicap 1x2 be offered for other leagues?

    Handicap 1X2 is currently available for selected Singapore Premier League matches only.

Cash Out

  • What is Cash Out?

    Cash Out is a feature which allows you to settle your bets before the event is concluded.

  • How does Cash Out work?

    After you have placed your bet, the cash out amount will be generated and displayed on the Cash Out tab within the bet slip. Cash Out amount is the amount that will be paid to you if you choose to settle the bet. To cash out, hit the Cash Out button and await confirmation.

    See tutorial here.

    The availability of Cash Out is subject to several factors such as odds change.

  • What are the bet types available for Cash Out?

    Cash Out is available for the following bet types:

    • 1x2

    • Halftime 1X2

    • Halftime PTS

    • Halftime Total Goals

    • Halftime Total Goals Odd/Even

    • Halftime Total Goals Over/Under

    • Team to Score Last

    • Team to Score 1st Goal

    • Team to Score Next Goal

    • Total Goals Odd/Even

    • Total Goals Over/Under

  • Will all my bets have a Cash Out option?

    Cash Out is currently only available for selected A League bet types. This includes singles and multiples bets applicable for pre-match and live betting. The availability of Cash Out is subject to several factors such as odds change.

  • When can I use the Cash Out feature?

    You can use the Cash Out feature whenever the Cash Out Amount is available under the bet slip. The availability of Cash Out is subject to several factors such as odds change.

  • Why can't I see the Cash Out option?

    The Cash Out option may be temporary unavailable due to several factors such as odds change.

  • How is my Cash Out amount calculated?

    The cash out amount is based on several factors such as the probability of your bet winning.

  • How long it will take to credit the successful Cash Out amount to my wallet?

    The successful Cash Out amount will be credited to your wallet as soon as the system has processed your request.

  • How does Cash Out work for Multiples?

    For Cash Out amount to be generated, all your selections must be from the eligible events and bet types. If one of your selections is a losing bet, the Cash Out for that Multiples will not be available.

  • What happens to my Cash Out bet if the event is subsequently abandoned or postponed?

    Once a bet is cashed out, it is considered settled. Any subsequent results that are declared by the Company has no impact on the settled Cash Out transactions.

  • Why didn't I receive a confirmation message after submitting my Cash Out request?

    You may not receive the confirmation message due to several factors such as connectivity error. Please check your transaction history to confirm if the Cash Out request is successful.

  • How do I identify my Cash Out bet in my transaction history?

    In your transaction history, the bet status will be reflected as 'Cashed Out'.

  • Can I cancel a Cash Out after I have requested for it?

    Once the Cash Out request has been confirmed and accepted by the system, you are unable to reverse it.

  • Can I cash out my bet before the start of event?

    You can cash out your pre-match bet if the event is still on sale.

  • Can I cash out my bets partially?

    Partial cash out is not available.

  • Is Cash Out available at retail outlets?

    This feature is currently offered for Singapore Pools Account customers only.

  • Will Cash Out be offered to all leagues and matches?

    Cash Out is offered on A League matches only for now.

  • Where can I find Cash Out terms and conditions?

    The terms and conditions for Cash Out is available here.

  • Why can't I cash out from Total Goals Over/Under and Half Time Total Goals Over/Under bets when there is a change in the handicap selections?

    The handicap selections (e.g. 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5) are subject to change after your bet placement. Cash out may be offered when the handicap selections in your bet are available again. This applies to both single and multiples bets.

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