Lost or Damaged Tickets

A valid winning ticket is required to claim a prize. Losing a winning ticket is like losing cash. No prize claim can be made if there is no physical ticket.

We urge customers to exercise due diligence and care in safekeeping their tickets in good condition to avoid disappointment in making prize claims for their winning tickets.

As a responsible operator, Singapore Pools is committed to uphold integrity in applying the game rules consistently and fairly across all products and customers without prejudice.

Our position with regards to lost and damaged tickets is as follows:

  • We are in no position to prove the ownership of the ticket.

  • We will not withhold prize payment simply because there is a Police Report made with the Ticket Security Number.

  • We are in no position to trace or investigate the purported theft or in tracing the misplaced/lost ticket for customers.

  • We will not release video footages based on requests to identify a person or validate any transaction, unless required by Court Order or by law to do so.

Appeals on any other grounds will not be considered.

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