Sports & Lottery tickets and prize claim

  • How do I collect my winnings after placing bets at outlets?

    Prizes must be claimed within 180 days (including weekends and public holidays) from the date of the draw or conclusion of event.

    When to claim prize

    Lottery bets: From the following day after the draw, anytime during operational hours.

    Sports bets: As soon as results are verified.

    Where to claim prize

    For prize amounts up to $5,000, visit any Singapore Pools branch for cash collection.

    For prize amounts above $5,000, visit our Singapore Pools Main Branch (210 Middle Road) for cheque collection. Available Mondays to Fridays, 8am - 4.30pm, excluding Public Holidays. Bring along your winning ticket and an original photo identification document (NRIC for Singaporean/PR or passport for foreigners) bearing your name and identification matching that of your bank records.

  • I tore my ticket accidentally. Can I still claim the prize?

    To qualify for payment of any prize under the Game Rules, a winning ticket must, amongst other conditions, not be torn, mutilated or defaced in any way.

    Customers are advised to keep their tickets in good condition. Here are some practical tips on taking care of tickets:

    • Do not write on the ticket

    • Do not iron the ticket

    • Keep the ticket in a clean and dry place

    • Avoid exposing the ticket to direct sunlight

  • Can I look through the CCTV footages of your outlet to prove I had bought a ticket?

    In compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act, we will not allow customers to browse through the CCTV footages. The CCTVs at our outlets are for general security surveillance only. They are not intended to capture close-ups of customers' faces for identity verification. As with most CCTV systems, footages will be written over after some time or when the memory is full.

    We will only release the video footages under Court Order or as required by the law to assist Police investigation.

  • My winning ticket has been stolen. Can Singapore Pools withhold prize payment to stop someone else from claiming it?

    Under our Game Rules, we have to honour prize payment to whoever presents a valid winning ticket. Hence, we cannot withhold prize payment as and when someone furnishes us with a Police Report on the purported loss or theft of his/her tickets.

    Also, to uphold our strict information security standards, staff are not allowed to review or extract transaction records as that may compromise the integrity of our system. The only time we will access the system is to comply with a Court Order or as required by the law to assist Police investigation.

  • What happens if a person tries to claim the prize with a ticket that does not belong to him or her?

    Our tickets are bearer tickets, which means it is like cash, regardless of any marking or writing on it. We are not responsible for ascertaining whether a lottery ticket held by someone could belong to another person. Under our game rules, we shall honour prize payment to the holder of the valid winning ticket within the 180 days' claim period.

  • What if I picked up a prize winning ticket?

    If you have found a winning ticket, please hand it to the police yourself. Anyone who dishonestly claims the prize for his or her own interest may be in violation of the law as it may be construed as dishonest misappropriation of property.

    Read: "Lawyers: It's not finders keepers" published in The New Paper on June 9, 2010

  • What happens to prizes that were not claimed?

    Unclaimed prizes (after 180 days, including weekends and public holidays, from the date of the draw or conclusion of event) will be channeled to donations and grants managed by the Tote Board.