Placing sports bets using eBetslip app

Place pre-match sports bets, up till sales close, before the start of the event.

The minimum stake for single is $5 and multiples is $1.

  1. At the homepage, select FOOTBALL from the product selection.

  2. Select UPCOMING or POPULAR football events.

    You can also select BET TYPE and DATE to filter the listed available events.

  3. Formulate your bet by selecting the relevant Odds in your bet slip.

    Bets have not been placed at this point.

  4. Select BET SLIP to view your bets.

  5. On the bet slip, enter your stake and view the potential payout before placing your bet.

    To bet on Singles, enter your stake for individual selections.

    To bet on Multiples, make multiple selections and enter your stake under Multiples.

  6. Expand bet slip with this icon to view the competition, event venue, start time and date.

    You can clear a selection added to the bet slip by selecting the delete icon or CLEAR ALL at the top right corner of the bet slip to remove all selections.

  7. Check that your bet slip reflects your bets accurately.

    Singapore Pools outlets

    Selected E-Ticket enabled outlets

    1. Select Physical Ticket

    2. Select

    3. A QR code will appear. Scan the QR code at a sales counter to place your bet.

      Note: If the bottom of the QR code says 1 of 2, that means you have 2 QR codes. You need to scan both QR codes in order to place all the bets that you have formulated.

    4. You will receive a ticket after placing your bet at the outlet.

    5. Check that the ticket reflects your bet accurately. Please safeguard your ticket. We only accept valid tickets as proof of winning.

    1. At selected E-Ticket enabled outlets, you will see the "CONNECTED" icon at the top of the app.

    2. Select E-Ticket

    3. Select

    4. Please check your bets before you CONFIRM the bet placement. There is strictly no cancellation for E-Tickets.

    5. After confirmation, funds will be deducted from your DBS PayLah! Wallet.

    6. You will receive an E-Ticket after placing your bet. Please go to User > E-Ticket to view your E-Tickets.

      Prerequisites for placing an E-Ticket bet:

      1. You must have the DBS PayLah! app installed in your mobile phone.

      2. You must have created a profile in the eBetslip app.

      3. You must have set up DBS PayLah! Express Checkout via the eBetslip app.

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