Placing Horse Racing bets online

Place horse racing bets right up to the start of the race. Available for all races offered by Singapore Pools.

The unit bet value for Win and Place bet types is $5.

The unit bet value for Forecast, Place Forecast, Tierce, Trio and Quartet bet types is $2.

  1. Horse Racing homepage provides an overview of all Horse Racing Events and live race schedule for the day. Get live updates on race status - such as minutes to race, race abandonment, race completion and results.

  2. Select the specific race to view race information and/or to place a bet.

  3. Select the Bet Type on the event page. The corresponding fields will be enabled upon selection of bet type for your bet selection(s).

  4. Make your Bet Selection(s).

    • You may select multiple horses in a single betline under the same bet type.

  5. Enter your bet unit and the total stake will be calculated.

  6. Select Add to Bet Slip to include selection(s) for purchase.

  7. View Bet Slip to review bets entered.

    • To view bet selections, click on to expand the betslip.

    • You can clear a selection added to the bet slip by selecting the cross .

    • Click on the information icon to view the race name, date and start time.

    • Total Stake for the betslip will be computed and reflected at the end of the page.

  8. Click on Place Bet to buy the bets.

  9. Check the Bet Receipt for bets that are successfully placed.

    • Bets may be declined due to event closure or selection errors. Reason for decline will be indicated in the respective betline.

  10. Check Transaction History to track your bets.

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