Only with a

Singapore Pools Account (Sports & Lottery)

Play Responsibly with Checks and Controls

Your Singapore Pools Account (Sports & Lottery) comes with features that help you manage your betting activities online, allowing for more discipline when you bet.

Daily Expenditure Limit

To help you better manage your funds for betting, a limit must be set on how much you can use to bet through your account within 24 hours.

This limit can be increased but you need to wait for 24 hours before the change takes effect. Any reduction will take immediate effect.

We recommend that you carefully consider your expenditure limit and choose an amount that is within your means.

Daily Funding Limit

Similarly, you must limit the amount of fresh funds you can add to your account within 24 hours to pay for your bets.

Once set, the limit can be increased only after 24 hours. Any reduction will take immediate effect.

Account Summary & Transaction History

Total expenditure, total deposits and net win or loss over the past 24 hours will be presented in your Account Summary every time you log in and log out.

A reminder will be displayed in your Account Summary when you exceed 75% of your Daily Expenditure Limit or Daily Funding Limit.

Transactional records up to the last six months can be retrieved anytime in your Transaction History.

Weekly Statement

Review your betting activities up to the past 26 weeks with the Weekly Statement. Your opening and closing balance for the selected week, together with total bets placed and net win or loss, will be displayed.


If you feel it is in your best interest to take a break from any betting activities through your Singapore Pools Account (Sports & Lottery), getting yourself excluded can help you exercise more control.

You may apply for self-exclusion by opting for "Non-Casino Self-Exclusion" through the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) website.

Are You Eligible?

To sign up for a Singapore Pools Account (Sports & Lottery), you must:

  • be at least 21 years of age;

  • be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident; or

  • be a foreigner residing in Singapore, with a valid Singapore Foreign Identification Number (FIN)

Each customer can only have one account.

How to Sign Up?


Sign up here or through Singapore Pools mobile app


Log into your account for online identity verification



Visit any Singapore Pools Branch with original NRIC/ photo ID document with FIN. You may approach our staff for further assistance.


Allow up to 3 days for processing

Receive SMS on successful account activation

Deposit Funds


Apply for bank link

($0.20 fee for each payment)


($0.80 fee for each deposit)



By NETS at

Singapore Pools Branches

($0.20 fee for each deposit)

By cash or top-up cards

at Singapore Pools branches


You can now place a bet through your Singapore Pools Account (Sports & Lottery)


Bank Link

Funds will be transferred from your bank account to your Singapore Pools Account (Sports & Lottery) to pay for your bets via Instant Direct Debit Service. Winnings (if any), will be automatically transferred to your bank account via scheduled transfer.

Set up your bank link upon login under "Deposits".


Upon login under "Deposits", select "eNETS".

Top-up amount must be minimum of $100, in multiples of $10.

Nets / Cash

  • Fill in a Singapore Pools Account (Sports & Lottery) Deposit Form that can be found in any Singapore Pools branch.

  • Select your preferred payment mode: Cash, NETS or Cash Card

  • Deposit amount must be a minimum of $200, in multiples of $10

  • You can deposit amounts up to your Daily Funding Limit. You can change your Daily Funding Limit upon login under "Limit Management".

  • Please check your receipt to ensure that the deposit amount is correct before leaving the counter.

  • Please check your account balance upon login. Alternatively, call 6786 6688 and press "1" for account-related matters. After authentication, select "1" for account balance.

Top-Up Cards

  • Purchase a $50, $100, or $200 Top-Up Card at any Singapore Pools branch or selected retailers.

  • Scratch off latex to reveal the security code and enter security code via:

    1. Website at or Singapore Pools mobile app. Log in and select "Deposits".

    2. Phone at 6786 6688 and select "1" for account related matters. After authentication, select "6" for "Top-Up Card".


  • Via bank link.

  • Request online or by phone, for collection at Singapore Pools branches.

    Please note that unless making a full withdrawal, the withdrawal amount must be a minimum of $100, in multiples of $10.

    The withdraw amount must be collected within 48 hours after the submission of the withdrawal request. Subsequently, please submit a new withdrawal request.

    Please produce your NRIC or Foreign Pass containing FIN for verification