Horse Racing betting

  • How do I place a Horse Racing bet?

    A Singapore Pools Account allows you to place Horse Racing bets online.

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    Without an account, you can place bets at our outlets with cash, using our betslips.

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  • When can I place a Horse Racing bet?

    You can place your bets on race days from 8am onwards.

  • Why can't I place Horse Racing bet online?

    Account customers can access Horse Racing information and place bets after selecting Horse Racing in the new product option under Account Update.

  • Where and how can I collect my Horse Racing winnings?

    Singapore Pools Account customers

    If you have placed your winning Horse Racing bets online, with your Singapore Pools Account, winnings are automatically credited into your account. In general, funds will be credited within 30min after results are verified.

    You can then withdraw the winnings. Learn about withdrawing funds from your account.

    Outlet customers


    Prize claim timing

    Singapore Racecourse, Horse Racing betting centres & Livewire venues

    As soon as results are verified.

    Singapore Pools branches

    Refer to the list of locations here.

    Available from the following day after the race.

    Race days

    Mon to Sat: During branch operating hours.

    Sun: During branch operating hours, up to 5pm.

    Non-race days

    Daily: During branch operating hours, up to 5pm.

    Lottery Lobbies (public area at Horse Racing betting centres)

    Available from the following day after the race.

    Daily: 10.30am to 6pm.

    For prize amounts up to $5,000, visit any Singapore Pools branch for cash collection.

    To understand more on the maximum prize claim amount for the different betting centres, click here, locate "Live betting at Horse Racing venues" and select the betting centres to view for information.

  • What races are available for betting?

    Betting is available for selected thoroughbred races from countries including, but not limited to, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Australia, South Korea, South Africa, France, UK, and more.

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  • Is there any transaction fee for Horse Racing bets?

    No. There is no transaction fee for bet placement.

    Online Transactions

    There will be a $0.80 fee when you top up your Singapore Pools Account via eNETs. This fee goes to third-party service providers and administrators of the service.

    Alternatively, you may perform cash deposit at Singapore Pools branches.

  • What is commingling?

    Commingling of pools is the process where one totalisator organisation combines its wagering pool with another to create one common dividend. Commingling is commonplace in many wagering organisations around the world. Commingling will see the Singapore totalisator pools combined with the overseas partners' totalisator pools.

    Learn about Commingling.

  • How will commingling benefit me?

    Customers betting into a commingled pool can bet with more confidence as bigger pools will provide dividends stability and potentially better dividends.

  • Where can I find my bet history?

    For website

    After logging into your account, select the icon next to your username. Select Transaction History on the left navigation.

    For mobile app

    After logging into your account, click on the Account and select Transaction History.

    You may then select the transaction history type you wish to view from the list or filter the time period or the specific types of transaction.

    Note: When looking up the "Funds In/Out" view, the table may include bets that are still being processed.

    It is advisable to click the '<' icon (last column of the table, if you're logged on using our website), OR tap to expand the individual bets (if you're using the mobile app) to view bet details and status.

    To download our app

    • iOS users, please download our app from the App Store.

    • Android users, please follow the step-by-step guide here.

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